We are committed to achieving translation quality through
translator training, technology, and innovative processes and workflows.

LinguLeer has developed and implemented a quality management system (QMS), which uses ISO 9001:2015 as a framework that allows our organization to document and improve our practices in order to better satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, stakeholders and interested parties.

We’re not your average budget friendly agency. In fact, when you order Norwegian translation services from large, expensive translation agencies, chances are, we are the ones actually translating your documents. Our translators are serving many of the world’s largest agencies on a daily basis, and as is the case with all aspects of business: when you purchase directly from the source, you get quality for less.

Rather than poking around the bush, we’d like to address the elephant in the room: How do we keep our rates so low, if the quality is the same? The single-word answer would be “innovation”.  We are innovators at heart – as a young company, we are a true product of the digital age. We came about after other agencies had spent their 20 first years trying and failing. Skipping the “failing” part has had its benefits. Trying is expensive; failing even more so. In simple terms, we’ve let the rest of the industry tell us what to do and, equally as important, what not to do. By getting our systems right from the start, we’ve been able to focus our efforts and investments on getting you the quality you expect at unbeatable rates.



We will always offer the best value on the market, i.e. the best combination of quality and affordability.


We achieve stability and consistency through small sized teams that allow for better communication, collaboration, and quality control.


We are committed to providing friendly, flexible, and professional customer service, where the customer’s needs always come first.


We will form lasting relationships with public, private and non-profit institutions, to actively engage with the industry and its communities.


LinguLeer’s vision is to be a widely known and well-respected provider of Scandinavian translation services, in Scandinavia as well as globally.
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our quality system

LinguLeer proudly runs on MyEasy ISO, a tried and tested QMS.
Project Placement
Our system requires all resources to have a translation degree + 2 years of translation experience (or other degree + 5 years of experience). This satisfies ISO 9001:2015.
Project Realisation
Our QMS system requires all projects to be carried out according to specific project management procedures and translation workflows, including complete confidentiality
Quality Assessment
The quality of the translation services we deliver is monitored through continuous assessments and quality control checklists completed for each project, as well as routine satisfaction surveys and corrective action reports.
Erik Dammann
Future in Our Hands
Author and Founder

LinguLeer helped translate part of my latest book. I was extremely satisfied with the result, which was expertly translated into English without any of my messages getting lost in translation. I could not recommend Alvin and his team highly enough.

Team Lingo24

We will work with LinguLeer again!

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Team Wordminds

We are very satisfied with Linguleer and we would gladly collaborate with them again.

Kaspars Rutkis
LMI Translations Ltd.
Project Manager

Linguleer team is professional, responsive and friendly, and provides us with high-quality translations. We are happy with this collaboration and will be happy to continue this way. Thank you!

Jordan Jones
ZAB Translation
Project Manager

The Linguleer team is very responsive, professional, on-time, and provides good quality.

Tine Julsgaard
Comunica.dk Translations S.L.
Managing Director

We have worked with LinguLeer for quite some time and are happy to use them on a regular basis. Good work.

marton enterprises
Deborah Marton
Lingo2Lingo (Marton Enterprises, Inc.)

Prompt response to my emails, translations delivered on time, professional office to work with.

Dat Doan
Lingo Focus Ltd.

Very friendly, responsive and nice vendor. Thank you and we look for further cooperation with you, Alvin!

Mena Ibra
Mena Translation
Senior Project Manager

Qualified translator. I recommend him and will assign him more project.

Team ULS
Universal Language Solutions Ltd

We will work with LinguLeer again!

William Ransby
SALITA Tolke- og translatørtjeneste AS
Project Manager

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Anita Xiong
Maxsun International

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Alan Marshall
Bournemouth Interpreters' Group CIC

Excellent and prompt in all respects

Team FAX
f.a.x. Translations b.v.

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Dooly Pathak

Good quality and on time translations. Thank you. We will definitely be in touch for future projects

Team ETC
ETC Europe

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Alex Denver
Quills Linguistics
Project Manager

Excellent linguist to work with! Quality work is assured!

our workflow

Each project, from acceptance to delivery, is managed by a dedicated project manager. The PM is responsible for project planning, selection of suitable linguists, meeting agreed deadlines, as well as managing quality assurance. All translation jobs go through a specific workflow, which consists of the following 8 stages.
We analyze the translatable documents to ensure the client's requirements and instructions are clear.
The next step is to place the job with an available resource with the required experience, qualifications, and tools for the job.
The assigned translator will at this stage translate the material from scratch, drawing upon his or her experience in the relevant field.
The translated documents are edited by a QA manager using machine processed QA checks, ensuring completeness, accuracy, and consistency.
5. Proofing and Layout
Proofreading is always carried out by language professionals with a relevant industry background. Any formatting issues are resolved here.
6. Final Quality Check
Prior to delivery, the PM carries out a final check of the deliverables to ensure that they meet client requirements and are in accordance with instructions.

made in norway

located right outside of Oslo, we are a truly Norwegian agency

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Kirsten Gracey
Project Manager
cecilie circle
Cecilie Skjeggestad
Project Manager
Trista McKee
Project Support

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