From the outside, we may look like your typical Scandinavian: A preference for the orderly; a passion for creativity and design; a hospitable nature. Once you step inside, however, the customer service you’ll receive will make you think you’re in America.

At LinguLeer, we specialize in value. This industry is fast becoming saturated with machine translation and non-native translators, driving down prices and compromising quality. We think quality should never be compromised in order to save money, which is why approach is different to most other agencies: Rather than investing in MT technology which we believe inhibits creative thinking, and thus prevents us from achieving a fluent translation, we’ve invested in the latest in communication and workflow systems.

This means our overhead is up to 90% lower than other agencies, enabling us to offer market leading rates.


Freelancers are rapidly taking over this industry. This is good news for agencies but can be bad news for translators and the end-clients they ultimately serve. Why? The stiff competition for work often leads to over-reaching translators, taking on impossible deadlines and jobs that are entirely out of their scope, which, in turn, often leads to compromised quality.

With the number of in-house positions shrinking by the year, many translators are forced to work freelance. We aim to reverse this trend by offering freelancers the stability and platform they need to focus on what really matters to you, the client: Quality and reliability. Providing experienced translators with steady work hours is the key to theirs, ours, and your success. Sounds expensive?

Sure, there is a reason why most traditional agencies limit themselves to a handful of in-house staff – which brings us to the core of our strategy and mission: Using modern day collaboration tools and cutting edge technology to achieve revolutionary low overhead costs. This is good news for translators and good news for you.

We are changing the industry for the better – translator by translator.

Tourism and Hospitality

Our number one specialty, as far as number of qualified resources go. We work with a host of world class hospitality and tourism companies, from Expedia to Radisson BLU.


Marketing & Business

While different branches of business have vastly different requirements, we offer linguists with degrees and up to 20 years of experience from their respective fields – whether finance, marketing or corporate.


IT & Technical

Our IT and technical qualified translators tend to have more field-specific experience than linguistic. That said, they are highly trained translators who are able to communicate their specific trade fluently.


We know our limits.

You wouldn’t have your hairdresser try to fix your car,
and certainly not vice versa.

Some translators call themselves specialized based on a few projects completed within a certain domain.

While ‘specialized’ person is arguably a somewhat vague term, our interpretation is drastically different: someone with an industry specific degrees or extensive professional experience within a certain industry.

At LinguLeer, we like to assign each job you award us to a ‘specialist’. This ensures the final product is accurate, linguistically, but also terminology wise.

Erik Dammann
Future in Our Hands
Author and Founder

LinguLeer helped translate part of my latest book. I was extremely satisfied with the result, which was expertly translated into English without any of my messages getting lost in translation. I could not recommend Alvin and his team highly enough.

Team Lingo24

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Wordminds - Logo- PNG 2
Team Wordminds

We are very satisfied with Linguleer and we would gladly collaborate with them again.

Kaspars Rutkis
LMI Translations Ltd.
Project Manager

Linguleer team is professional, responsive and friendly, and provides us with high-quality translations. We are happy with this collaboration and will be happy to continue this way. Thank you!

Jordan Jones
ZAB Translation
Project Manager

The Linguleer team is very responsive, professional, on-time, and provides good quality.

Tine Julsgaard
Comunica.dk Translations S.L.
Managing Director

We have worked with LinguLeer for quite some time and are happy to use them on a regular basis. Good work.

marton enterprises
Deborah Marton
Lingo2Lingo (Marton Enterprises, Inc.)

Prompt response to my emails, translations delivered on time, professional office to work with.

Dat Doan
Lingo Focus Ltd.

Very friendly, responsive and nice vendor. Thank you and we look for further cooperation with you, Alvin!

Mena Ibra
Mena Translation
Senior Project Manager

Qualified translator. I recommend him and will assign him more project.

Team ULS
Universal Language Solutions Ltd

We will work with LinguLeer again!

William Ransby
SALITA Tolke- og translatørtjeneste AS
Project Manager

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Alan Marshall
Bournemouth Interpreters' Group CIC

Excellent and prompt in all respects

Team FAX
f.a.x. Translations b.v.

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Dooly Pathak

Good quality and on time translations. Thank you. We will definitely be in touch for future projects

Team ETC
ETC Europe

We will work with LinguLeer again!

Alex Denver
Quills Linguistics
Project Manager

Excellent linguist to work with! Quality work is assured!

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Save money with our unbeatable rates, while still receiving the same service you would from more expensive agencies.
work the way you want
Benefit from unparalleled flexibility – as a smaller agency, we work the way you want, not the other way around.
Enjoy your stay
Our customer service team is virtually 50% American. We've learned from the best – we're champions at serving you.
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Once you've placed a job with us, you can put your trust in our quality assurance systems, just as Fortune 500 companies entrust us on a daily basis.